10 Signs A Boy Likes You

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why do guysmoulay99    Hannon, Ontario
I can't think of anything slick to say here that wouldn't sound creepy, vulgar or cheesy. I'm hoping to meet someone challenging, outgoing and charming. Doesn't take much to impress me.
waiting for mr rightroland400    A Coruna, Galicia
I'm a strong minded young lady who is family oriented. I like movies, eating, bowling, walks in the park it just staying in for a movie. I'm looking for a grown man who is family oriented.
wanting a girlfriendVetee42    Birmingham, England
I am a natural redhead (ginger) looking for a decent man to love and care for. No****eads or guys looking for casual hook ups as I do not sleep around. I am a fun, casual, loving girl who is looking for a romantic, long term girl
how old is suzanne sommersvincentmais12    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Very outgoing easy to get along with. Very caring and loving.

10 Signs A Boy Likes You. questions game to ask a girl

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